Now you can hide the photos sent to you on WhatsApp

The new feature is called ‘Media Visibility’ and allows you to hide all received files; works for individual and group chats


es, we know, it is not the first (nor will it be the last) time we mentioned that WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world for its simplicity. However, it was also one of the least complete in the market.

A few weeks ago it became known that the company will add new features to keep catching users.

Among the new updates that were revealed are the group video calls, to know if your message has been forwarded, stickers, payments through the application and to know the precise moment in which a recipient read (or at least opened) a message.

Well then added to this, now you can also hide the photos that are received by WhatsApp so they do not appear in the gallery of images of the phone.

According to the BGR portal , the novelty has appeared since the beta version v2-18-195 of the application.

The function allows you to adjust a feature called ‘Media visibility’ and allows users to hide images, videos and even audio files sent and received through the application in a specific folder of the device.

To do so, you must access the information page of a contact and then click on the option ‘media visibility’. There you will have the option to choose between ‘No, yes and default’ to show the media of the chat in the gallery.

You can choose a base of your preference. The Default option is a preset to show the media files in the gallery.

You can do the same for chat groups as well. While not a great feature, it will help reduce clutter caused by the large amount of unwanted images shared in a WhatsApp group or by an individual friend.

Now you can hide the photos sent to you on WhatsApp

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